‘Tis the season to be poorly tra la la la la la la la LA

christmas; flu
Acknowledgement – image taken from http://www.wales.nhs.uk

So I’m sick. At Christmas. And have been for the majority of my one week’s annual leave so far. And I am not a happy bunny. I had lots of lovely socialising planned, all of which I have had to cancel as my husband and I have both been struck down with some sort of flu virus that has left us fevered, bedridden and generally not people you want to hang out with. Now I pride myself on being a of ‘glass half full’ kind of person so thought that I would make a list of pros to being sick during the festive season. But for every action there is a reaction and apparently for every pro there is a con; as no sooner had I thought of a pro then I thought of an accompanying con. So here it is, my list of the good and bad things about being sick at Christmas:

PRO – I get to stay in pyjamas all day so the laundry basket isn’t exactly filling up
CON – Drinking endless cups of tea and eating snacks rather than going out for meals means that I have lots of washing up to do
PRO – I get to watch endless movies and tv shows
CON – I have to watch reruns as my head is too fuzzy to concentrate on anything more
PRO – I can have ice-cream for breakfast (it’s medicinal!)
CON – I can’t eat anything crunchy or spicy as it hurts my throat
PRO – I have an excuse to make myself hot whisky toddies (they’re medicinal!)
CON – I have an inability to drink wine as can’t taste it and quite frankly it makes me
feel sick right now
PRO – I can hang out on the sofa with my lovely fluffy cat giving me a big cuddle
CON – I have to keep pushing my lovely fluffy cat off my lap as he makes me too hot in my already fevered state
PRO – I have lots of spare time to work on my blog
CON – I am too fuzzy headed to work on my blog