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Staying healthy on safari trips

You have saved up, booked the safari trip of your dreams, arrived at your destination and then two days later you get sick. I’m not saying that safari trips are inherently more likely to make you unwell, but just by … Continue reading

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Book review: The long way to a small angry planet

Although I enjoy science fiction, I am more of a dystopia girl than space opera. But I had read a couple of good reviews of the long way to a small angry planet and thought I would give it a … Continue reading

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All Aboard! Part Two

As promised, here is the next exciting installment of my ‘how to be a better train passenger’. Last time I talked about the basic actions that should be undertaken by all to ensure a smooth seating procedure. This time I am … Continue reading

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Veronica Mars, the Queen of Sass

I was a huge Veronica Mars tragic first time round. It was so refreshing to have a television series that portrayed a female protagonist who used her wits to get what she wanted rather than prettiness (and yes, I know … Continue reading

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Unread, now read book 14 – Every Day, David Levithan

For all of you who have fond memories of watching Quantum Leap in the early 90s, Every Day is for you! A 16-year-old, wakes up each morning to find himself in a different person’s body. Every day. They are always the same age as … Continue reading

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Unread, now read book 2 – The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes

I have no idea why this was sitting on my shelf unread, as I love Barnes’ writing; it is always so full of clarity and offers such beautiful lyrical intensity. The Sense of an Ending is the story of how … Continue reading

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