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Five tips to get the most out of your safari trip

Safaris are magical; I have been on two safari holidays now, in Botswana and Zambia, and Tanzania. And both were incredible. But I think I enjoyed the second trip a little more than the first because I knew what to … Continue reading

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Packing and clothing tips for a safari trip

When you think of a ‘safari wardrobe’, you probably have visions of people in head-to-toe khaki and that you need to shop at a safari outfitters store, but rest assured you don’t have to go out and buy a whole … Continue reading

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All Aboard! Part Two

As promised, here is the next exciting installment of my ‘how to be a better train passenger’. Last time I talked about the basic actions that should be undertaken by all to ensure a smooth seating procedure. This time I am … Continue reading

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All aboard! Part One

I travel very regularly on the Cross Country train that runs between Oxford and Manchester Piccadilly. As I always pre-book my ticket (using thetrainline app which is brilliant!) and reserve my aisle seat at a table (I need to work on the … Continue reading

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Another suitcase in another hall…

My friends keep telling me that I should blog about international relocation as they feel it is something that I now know a lot about, having moved internationally four times in 11 years: UK to Australia in 2004; Australia to US in … Continue reading

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Five things I love about living in Melbourne

In honour of Australia Day, here’s my top five favourite things about living in Melbourne: 1. The weather Even after 11 years here, as a Brit I never fail to get excited when I see the sun. It took me two … Continue reading

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