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Looking for a new job? Don’t forget to put your best foot forward online too!

In this brave new world of constant online activity, it’s not enough to have a strong CV and a good interview technique; you need to have a professional online presence too. There is absolutely no point submitting a brilliant covering … Continue reading

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Sharing – what’s your line in the sand? Managing your Facebook privacy settings

Facebook is a wonderful thing, but understanding, and keeping up with privacy setting changes, can be hard. A friend of mine recently complained about her Facebook newsfeed and how it is filled with a someone-who-shall-remain-nameless’ constant brag posts; she didn’t … Continue reading

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Want a pet? Go to a shelter, not a shop

I recently read about a social media campaign in the US to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters rather than buy from pet shops as apparently some people think that animals from shelters are ‘damaged’. Of course this is not … Continue reading

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The rollercoaster ride of live tweeting an event

Confession time. Up till recently I used my twitter account to listen rather than talk; to get newsfeed from my favourite news channels in the UK, the US and Australia, follow @thebloggess (if you aren’t already, you should be the woman … Continue reading

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