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Pretty iconic? Pretty great!

Hands up, I don’t tend to read beauty books, beauty blog posts, in fact anything about beauty (although I am a fan of India Knight’s beauty articles for The Sunday Times’ Style magazine). However, this book was recommended to me … Continue reading

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Want a pet? Go to a shelter, not a shop

I recently read about a social media campaign in the US to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters rather than buy from pet shops as apparently some people think that animals from shelters are ‘damaged’. Of course this is not … Continue reading

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Another suitcase in another hall…

My friends keep telling me that I should blog about international relocation as they feel it is something that I now know a lot about, having moved internationally four times in 11 years: UK to Australia in 2004; Australia to US in … Continue reading

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Can you ever own ‘too many books’? …

Up to last month I would have unhesitatingly said ‘No!’ Impossible! I could never have “too many” books. What a thought?!’ As far as I am concerned, I ‘AM’ my library; I have been building my collection for over 20 years. … Continue reading

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Top five cats on the Internet

Obviously the Internet was created solely for cat lovers; nowhere else can one find such a plethora of cat videos, memes, gifs and photos. But there has to be a way to cut through the kitty chatter to the best … Continue reading

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Five things I love about living in Melbourne

In honour of Australia Day, here’s my top five favourite things about living in Melbourne: 1. The weather Even after 11 years here, as a Brit I never fail to get excited when I see the sun. It took me two … Continue reading

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Bland is so…bland – I had no idea I was a curry addict until…

So I am currently lying around at home recovering from throat surgery, a tonsillectomy. For those of you in the know, this is an incredibly painful procedure for adults and the recovery time is at least two weeks. Rest assured, … Continue reading

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