Top five cats on the Internet

Obviously the Internet was created solely for cat lovers; nowhere else can one find such a plethora of cat videos, memes, gifs and photos. But there has to be a way to cut through the kitty chatter to the best cats. So here is my list of the top five.

Starting at number five, we have stalking cat. No matter how many times I watch this, I still find it funny. And I still *jump* at the end:


Grumpy-Cat-crochetAt number four is Grumpy Cat. I love his face so much, SO grumpy, so apparently unimpressed by everyone and everything around him. My love for Grumpy Cat is well know, my mother crocheted me by very own Grumpy Cat and one of my friends gave me the The Grumpy Guide to Life book for Christmas. For more grumpy cat goodness, check out his website.


At number three is Maru whose obsession with all things boxes, the smaller the better, quite frankly just makes the world a better place. This video shows him squishing into a rice cake box. Maru also has his own site (as well as many fan sites):


At number two is Henri the existential cat. If I say that Henri epitomises ennui (say his name the French way and you will see where I am going with this) then you come close to understanding the allure of this cat. His negative comments, his bored face, his complete egotism – he’s fantastic and a role model to us all. This is my favourite video of him:


At number one is Baron Von Tibblesworth. Okay, I am cheating with number one. You won’t have heard of him because he is my cat, and he is not an Internet star (yet!) but he has featured on The Book Grocer Facebook page as part of their ‘cats in bags’ series, was tweeted by Oxford University Press posing with books for World Cat Day (disclosure, I work at Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand):

and also featured on a twenty foot high screen at a #SocialBiz14:

So he has some Internet presence. Plus he takes up most of my Instagram feed (he is VERY photogenic) and a third of my Facebook feed.

Apologies to all the cute moggies out there that I have missed. If this post hasn’t satisfied your appetite for cats on the Internet, may I suggest Buzzfeed‘s weekly ‘This Week in Cats’ newsletter?!