Review: The Good Friend by Jo Baldwin

blog book review of The good friend

Champion swimmer, Jenny, once had a best friend and a boyfriend. But she lost both when she moved to Australia to further her swimming career. Now she is taking a career break and is desperate to reconnect with Kath, the friend she could always rely on throughout her childhood and teens, who is now living in France with her husband and child.

But as Jenny spends more time with Kath and her family, she starts to realise that maybe the past didn’t happen quite as she thought. And that the events of the her past are threatening not just her present but her future too…

The twists and turns of the story as Jenny slowly uncovers why her father really decided to move them both to Australia are genuinely gripping, and the ending is fantastic. I would love to tell you why but then I would spoil it for you! It is obvious that the reader has spent an extensive amount of time in France; the market scenes and social gatherings are exceptionally well-described, at times I could practically smell the scented warm breeze on the fraught summer evenings where Jenny starts to see the ‘real’ Kath and find out what exactly happened all those years ago.

This is a definite page-turner!

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