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Unread, now read book 11 – Old Filth, Jane Gardam

I bought this novel, along with Simon Mawer’s The Glass Room,  because they were part of a nice point of sale display in my local bookstore containing the 40 years of Abacus special edition books, and had lovely covers. Shallow of … Continue reading

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Unread, now read book 10 – A Whistling Woman, A.S.Byatt

Coming in at number ten on my unread, now read list (in a neat twist, as this is the tenth book by A.S.Byatt that I have now read) is A Whistling Woman. The last of Byatt’s ‘Frederica Potter Quartet’, A … Continue reading

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Unread, now read book 9 – Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Helen Simonson

From outback Australia in my last read, to a small-minded village in the English countryside in this one. Much as I am struggling with my (self-prescribed) reading list, I am enjoying the randomness of my current reading. Usually I read … Continue reading

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Unread, now read book 8 – The Pages, Murray Bail

Moving between a sheep station in rural NSW, Sydney and various European cities, the story traces Wesley Anthill’s determination to become a philosopher, the siblings that support his dream, his trip to Europe, the events that drive him back home … Continue reading

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A word of advice – NEVER start playing Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush, Candy Crush, Candy Crush. What have you done to me?! I used to be a functioning, socializing, engaging individual. Now? Hunched over my iPhone trying to get that one double striped candy combination to win the level. Playing. … Continue reading

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Melting, melting … top tips for any newly arrived northern europeans on surviving this heat wave

Northern europeans (and English people who don’t see themselves as European), hear me. You may think you know what it’s like to experience hot weather … but you would be wrong. Until you have lived through consecutive multiple 40C + days, … Continue reading

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Rainy weather is baking weather

It’s raining, so I want to bake. The moment those rain clouds gather, I just want to make myself a nice cup of tea, put BBC Radio 4 on (hurrah for Tune In Pro radio app!) and bake. I don’t know … Continue reading

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