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Now read, was unread, book on my shelf – The Machine, James Smythe

As promised, here is the first ‘now read, was unread’ book review (see previous blog article for details!). I had James Smythe’s The Machine on my bookshelf to read because it was listed in a ‘best dystopian novels’ article and … Continue reading

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The curse of the unread book

I am an inveterate book buyer; sometimes a red mist descends when I am ‘just browsing’ in a bookshop and I leave in a daze weighed down with books. I am also incapable of passing a secondhand bookstore without going in and buying … Continue reading

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How to: Make book recommendations to your book club or book group

I love recommending books; it is one of my favourite things – when I’m not reading books of course. So I am always very (too?) vocal in my book group, when we get round to discussing and choosing ‘the next … Continue reading

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Who am I? And who are you? Book review of ‘Before I go to sleep’ by S.J.Watson

What would you do if you woke up every morning with no memory of who you are? Where you are? And who the man walking into the bedroom towards you is? Before I go to Sleep is a psychological thriller … Continue reading

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Voucher vulture: Or how to get the most out of your 2013-14 Entertainment Book

It’s now coming up to half way through the 12-month cycle for the current Australian & New Zealand Entertainment Books. How many vouchers have you used so far? Have you even registered your gold card yet, let alone put it in … Continue reading

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The Last of the Mojitos

Books and alcohol. Throw in a couple of cute cats and I think I may just have the ultimate combination. Honestly though? Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a literary twist had me at ‘books’ and ‘alcohol’. Plus I love a good … Continue reading

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